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No matter the type of commercial property you own or manage—an office building, medical or dental office, state or federal building, apartment complex, or even a university or school—you don’t have time to deal with old, chipped, cracked, or peeling paint. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. This simple tweak can improve your employees’ productivity, create a more welcoming environment for your customers or clients, and improve the cleanliness of your building.

At The Melburne Painters, we proudly offer a complete range of commercial painting services designed to help you get the most out of your property, without all the hassle. Thanks to our quick, efficient painting practices and low-odor, quick-dry paints, you’ll hardly know we were there! We do everything we can to revamp your commercial building while limiting downtime.


Even though both painting contractors and residential painters aim to make their clients look good with professional painting services, they do so in very different ways. Painting a commercial building requires more planning and workforce than painting a residential installation. Commercial painting projects may require long hours and a high degree of physical strength to complete. Volunteers are unlikely to achieve this type of work, as they will probably need to stop before the job is completed.

A commercial painting project is more complex and usually more expensive than one for a residential building. The success of any commercial painting project depends on a disciplined and focused approach from the start. A latex paint usually lasts ten years but is susceptible to going wrong in a much shorter time if it isn’t properly stored. The colour can be misapplied, leaving an uneven finish and even peeling.

Types of Commercial Painters

Residential painters may not have experience dealing with business clients as well as professionals specializing in commercial painting. A painting contractor typically works for a contractor and is responsible for painting large buildings and using diverse surfaces and materials. Commercial painters earn an average annual salary of $38,996 or $20 per hour in the United States. A typical entry-level position pays $34,125 a year, while the average salary for experienced workers is $62,400.

After completing a painting course, students have access to excellent job prospects today. Creating art collections is a job for professionals employed by galleries, museums, colleges, universities, NGOs, and corporations. Furthermore, they can work independently as workshop organizers, potters, glassblowers, or tattoo artists. You can estimate how many paint coats are needed by multiplying the total number of coats by the total number of coats. You can calculate how many coats are required by multiplying the panel square footage by the actual. It is recommended that the final figure be increased by 20%. The number will be discussed at the end of this step-by-step guide to bidding on a paint job.


Paint your commercial property’s interior or exterior, regardless of whether you want to paint the inside or outside. Costs of exterior commercial painting projects are higher than those for interior painting because of the various factors. Painting can be very relaxing, reminiscent of a meditation session until the job is completed. Furthermore, part-time work as a house painter can earn you decent money. After quitting my security guard job last autumn, I started looking for a new position that would allow me employment opportunities. Someone I knew was flipping houses. So, I joined their renovation crew.

You will be in a great position to start a profitable painting business in addition to enjoying painting and doing it well. This does not necessarily mean you should quit your job and create your own business. People, pets, and the environment are at risk of harm from traditional house paints. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present in conventional interior paints and other products related to painting.

Commercial Painter Melbourne


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